Are you ready to stop stressing over your weight, skin, size, shape, hair, complexion . . .you name it . . . (Goodness the list of things we women are supposed to worry about is exhausting!)

If your answer is yes, then the Compared to Who? community is for you!

I hated how alone I felt in my struggled with body image and comparison. I didn’t want to talk about them . . .I didn’t think anyone else could possibly struggle like I did! (Find out more about me here.) But, now I know that many (make that, MOST–like 97%) women struggle in this area.

Are you part of the 97%? Find out!

Start by taking the BODY IMAGE AWARENESS QUIZ!

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  4. Take the QUIZ! It’s REALLY eye-opening!
  5. Print this Body Image Prayer (that will also come in email!) Tape it to your mirror or put it in your Bible. Read it. Pray it

Twice a week I’ll send you our latest blog posts. Just a little encouragement. . .reminders you aren’t alone in this battle. (Oh, and your address will then be kept in a top secret vault where spammers will never find it! I hate junk emails, too.)