Ready to stop stressing over your weight, skin, size, shape, hair, complexion . . .you name it??!?!?

(Goodness the list of things we women are supposed to worry about is exhausting!)

If your answer is yes, then the Compared to Who? community is for you!

I hated how alone I felt in my struggled with body image and comparison. I didn’t want to talk about them . . .I didn’t think anyone else could possibly struggle like I did! (Find out more about me here.)

Now I know that many (like 97% of) women struggle in this area.

Are you part of the 97%? Find out!

Start by taking the BODY IMAGE AWARENESS QUIZ!

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  4. Take the QUIZ! It’s REALLY eye-opening!
  5. Print this Body Image Prayer (that will also come in email!) Tape it to your mirror or put it in your Bible. Read it. Pray it

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