The Burden of Better is For: Working Women

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Comparison

Whether you’re working at home, climbing a corporate ladder, clocking in and out of shifts or setting your own hours—we women work hard.

If I’m honest, I’m probably more likely than most men I know to “overwork.” It’s hard for me to rest. There’s always something else that needs to be done and it *seems* like if I could just get it all done then maybe I’d be able to rest tomorrow. Alas, more work comes and my rest . . . it stays out of reach.

No matter what you do or where you work, I want you to know that I wrote this book, The Burden of Better, for you.

Why? Because comparison sneaks into our work like an army of ants that suddenly shows up all over the countertop. We compare our titles, our responsibilities, and our capabilities to others. We wonder if we’re in the right vocation when we compare it to those we see around us. Then, we wonder if we’re successful “enough” or qualified “enough” to do what it is we’re doing. Comparison can fill us with doubt and insecurity. But, beyond that, comparison can really rob us of our rest as we keep working harder or longer to keep up in an imaginary contest of “who’s the best worker.”

Work is good. God created us to work. But comparison has to be uprooted from our work lives so that we can view and enjoy work as God intended. God asks us to work 6 days and take a rest on the 7th, but comparison says, “Unless you work every day, you may get behind.” God asks us to use the gifts and abilities he’s given us in our work, but comparison lies and says, “Your gifts aren’t as important as her’s are… it’s a shame this is ‘all’ you do.”

If you’re a working woman (frankly, I believe this title includes almost all the women I know), then let me encourage you that you can thrive in your work without comparing yourself to others. It’s not a magic formula or Jedi mind trick, it is truly possible to be comparison-free in the arena of work. I hope you’ll grab this new book and try it. Life’s too short to spend it wishing you had someone else’s job.

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The burden of better is for working women

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