I’m Too Fat & Ugly

Today we continue the “Real Women. Real Stories.” series on Compared to Who! This series features women from the Compared to Who? book trailer who were asked to write on a sign what lie the mirror most frequently tells/or has told them. Here’s Erin’s story. (Be sure to watch the “Behind the Scenes” video too if you want to hear more of Erin’s story. She’s interviewed towards the middle!)

Name: Erin Kerry 

My Sign Says: Fat and Ugly 

When I first heard this lie was:

At 8 years old, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had a belly many of my friends didn’t have. As I got older and began developing sooner than my friends, I saw that as fat and ugly and thought I was gross to look at.

When I most often hear it now:

During seasons of body changes are the worst – pregnancy and post-pregnancy are hard for me. Getting older and losing muscle tone I used to pride myself on (even though I bullied myself as well) has been difficult. New struggles pop up as I wean my last baby and (cough cough) gravity really presents itself. When life gets busy and I don’t spend time with my Father, that’s when the lies really start to creep up and get me.

What I do when I look in the mirror and hear the lie:

I constantly remind myself of the Truth in God’s Word. I fill up on it. My purpose doesn’t lie in what I look like. I remind myself that I want to enjoy life and not kill joy and waste time bullying my body the way I did for over 20 years.
 I'm too fat and ugly but Compared to Who

What I pray for women who share the same struggle I do:

That the Holy Spirit will bring light to their struggles. So many are struggling and seeing it as a normal part of being a woman. I pray that they will be released from this enslavement, because that’s what it is. I pray that Christ’s freedom will heal their wounds.

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Does your mirror lie to you? One woman's mirror told her she was too fat and ugly. She answered it back.

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  • Becca
    July 19, 2017

    Hi Erin, thanks for your post! I’m sorry you ever felt this way. I know how awful it is. I was told I was fat and ugly every day from the time I can remember until I left home. And my family of origin sometimes still likes to remind me on holidays. 🙁

    The funny thing is, I’m not even that fat. But compared to my thin and petite sister I am, and she took great delight in reminding me of that fact, every. Single. Day.

    My poor husband has had to battle the baggage I gained growing up. I am almost 42 years old, and I am finally trying to learn to believe my husband over my sisters and the noise of the world.

    I liked this part of your post best:
    “I remind myself that I want to enjoy life and not kill joy and waste time bullying my body the way I did for over 20 years.”

    I have (and still do) bully myself way too much. Way more than my sisters ever did. I really need to learn to stop that.

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