The Burden of Better is for: Perfectionists

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Comparison

This Christian book about perfectionism will lead you to new answers you’ve likely not heard before. Why? Because I think there’s a little perfectionist in all of us.

We’ve all spent way too long staring at a paragraph, or an art project, or our own appearance, trying to make it just right . We know perfection is impossible, but that doesn’t stop most of us from chasing better. This endless battle of trying to be perfect in everything we do… it’s exhausting.

So why do we do it? Have you ever considered that perhaps what drives us is actually a need—a desire—to prove our own worth, apart from Jesus?

In my new book, “The Burden of Better,” I talk about this very idea. It’s self-justification. And it’s the opposite of the gospel. See, the Gospel says we are justified through Christ alone. But, for those of us who struggle with perfectionism, it’s hard to let go of the belief that it’s Jesus PLUS our great work, or great body, or great home… or great, whatever.

Perfectionism is a lose-lose. We live in a broken, sinful world and perfection this side of heaven will always elude us. Read “The Burden of Better” now to learn more and discover the only thing that can truly settle the perfectionist’s heart.

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the burden of better is for perfectionists

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