Body Image is a Bother

You aren’t overly obsessed with changing the way you look . And, though you like to look nice, you don’t spend an excessive amount of time worrying about your appearance.

But, every once and a while, body image BOGS you down.

Like an annoying mosquito, the enemy whispers in your ear that you need to change the way you look in order to be more worthy of love.

You get hung up on trying to eliminate cellulite, change the number on the scale, erase the wrinkles, or flatten those abs…for a season.

Body image is a roller coaster ride for you where somedays you are cruising without a care in the world, and other days you are stressing your way up the hill. You need a place where you can go for reminders that your true value isn’t found in your jeans (or bra) size.

First: Get this book–Compared to Who? People are saying it has transformed the way they view themselves and their body image challenges. The questions at the end of each chapter will help you sort through why you are still occasionally bothered by body image. If your issue is rooted in comparing yourself to others, than start with this book: The Burden of Better (you can start reading the first two chapters for free!).

Next: Watch your email. I sent out encouragement a few times a month only to people on my list. Make sure you add me to your address list so my  messages get through! You can also send me your prayer requests or ask questions when you reply to these messages!

PLUS: Subscribe and listen to the Compared to Who? podcast or watch the podcasts on You Tube (and subscribe). You’ll know you aren’t alone. Every week we talk about these issues from a Gospel-centered perspective. We talk about the struggles body image issues can cause in every area of life–from getting dressed to going out to dinner to marriage and relationships–and, literally, everything in between. You are going to love how real and relatable this show is! 

Truth is, we all need friends to encourage us during times of struggle. If you don’t know anyone personally that you can talk to about this, joining our ReFOCUS 21 group is a great place to start.

Finally: Don’t give up!!!

If you feel like body image worries overwhelm you from time to time. God has a plan for you to find freedom in this struggle and he’ll walk with you the whole way.

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