You’ve Beaten the Body Image Beast!


You are secure in who God created you to be and you’ve beaten the body image beast!

You rarely worry about what you look like and “Compared to Who?” is your mantra. Images in magazines or on television of other women don’t make you jealous, you carry on without comparison.

You can stay strong by keeping in God’s word and regularly reminding yourself of his great love for you.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to women you see who are struggling with body image. They need your encouragement and insights. As you come across women struggling in these areas, I hope you’ll point them here to or to the Compared to Who? podcast or You Tube channel. 

Interacting with these women is a great way to help others see that there is hope for them on the other side of the body image battle. Consider subscribing to my weekly email to get all the resources you need to keep winning your battle and help others fight theirs well!

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