Christian Videos about Body Image and Comparison

Body image and comparison issues can be a huge struggle for many women, Christian women included. Here are a few topical Christian videos about body image and comparison that will tell you more about Compared to Who and our ministry. These videos speak to a few of our common struggles like “Do you have to love your body?”, “How do you help your daughter with her body image?” and even, “Should I wear a swimsuit?” Check these Christian videos about body image out below:

What is Compared to Who all about?


What makes Compared to Who’s approach to body image issues different than other sites, even other Christian sites?

At Compared to Who? we like to talk about the heart issues first. If we can first get our hearts set right on this issue, we’ll have the clarity we need to go forward into new freedom.  Here’s more about something called body image idolatry:


Do I have to LOVE my body in order to find body image freedom? Here’s the answer to that common question:


What about comparison? Is there anyway I can stop comparing myself to others?


What about the media? Isn’t it all there fault that I struggle with body image? Does what I watch and look at matter?


Should I wear a swimsuit to the beach or pool? What if I really hate how I look in one?


How can I help my daughter with her body image? Is there anything I can do make sure she doesn’t struggle?


How can I help my daughter think rightly about her value and worth?

Christian videos to improve body image with author and expert Heather Creekmore