You Need Goals, Girl!

That they would not be mean . . .

That they could keep up with any boy, athletically . . .

That they would know how to dress cute but not rely on it  . . .

This was a list of goals I recently read, written by a young mother for her daughters. The list wasn’t long, there were a few more I left out. They were equally as banal.

Goals for girls

Our daughters need us to have greater aspirations for their lives than just keeping up with boys and looking cute!

And we wonder why our daughters have body image issues?

More so, we wonder why we have body image issues?

Friends, we’ve gotta get busy.

We need some goals–for our own lives and for our children. If my greatest aspiration for my daughter is that she’d know how to play catch and dress cute, I’m setting her up for a shallow life.

We need to know our purpose. We need to wake up every morning knowing the what and why for that day.

This is how we’ll find freedom from comparison. Did you ever notice how when you are focused on your own mission you don’t have time to compare yourself to those around you? When you are rushing through the grocery store headed to that one item you need, do you ever notice what anyone else in the store is buying?

This is how we’ll find a new perspective on our body; even if that extra weight never comes off or those abs never get toned. When we realize that we have a unique mission and that God gave us, physically, everything we need to accomplish it–we can get our eyes off of our thighs and be content in Him.

You Need Goals, Girl!

So, today I ask: Do you have goals? Like real, legit, goals for your life, your family life, your work, and developing your character?

Have you written them down? Are you working toward them? Do you know where you are headed and why?

A sign I read at the gym this morning said, “If you aim at nothing you will hit it.” This reminded me of a scene from the movie American Sniper where the SEALs trained their snipers to “Aim for a button and miss by an inch, aim for a shirt and miss by a mile.”

Friends, we need better goals for our lives than “Lose 15 pounds” and “Exercise more.” We need goals that mature us and put us on the pathway to purpose.

Do you have them? Are you afraid to write them down (I struggle with this)?

Can I encourage you that, as this summer ends, to take a few minutes and set some goals for the season ahead. How do you need to grow? What do you want to get done? Write them down, pray, and surrender them to God daily. And, then watch him be faithful to help you accomplish them!

Here are some questions to get your creative juices flowing. Spend some time praying, seeking God’s word, and then writing down the answers that come to you.

1. What has God called me to do in this particular season of my life? (Mothering? Work? Career aspirations? Service?)

2. What can I do to improve my relationship with God? Can I spend more time in prayer? Reading the Bible? Serving in a local congregation? Meeting with other believers? (Be honest here!)

3. How am I serving others? How am I loving others? Do I spend more time on myself and my own interests than I do meeting the needs of others?

4. I believe God created me to ____________________. This matches the ways He’s gifted me. It matches what others have told me I’m good at. And, this matches my passion.

5. (For Moms) What goals do I have more my children? What can I do to help them focus on serving and growing in the Lord while they are under my care?

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Body image quiz

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