You Need Community Part 2 (Day 25 Spring Break Free)

Today we are going to continue our conversation on the topic of community. In today’s video I share a totally awkward story of trying to find a good friend when we moved to a new town several years ago. Watch today’s video and then spend some time with the questions below. If you don’t have friends like I describe in the video, then I encourage you to take action this week to find some!

Here’s what I mean . . .

Questions for reflection:

Do you have a good friend who “knows your stuff”?

If you were having a really hard day, is there someone you could call? Do you have friends (not related to you!) who love and check on you?

What can you do today to find and have more friends? (Momma always said you’ve gotta be a friend to have them, right?)

Is there anyone in your circle that you think you’d like to cultivate a closer relationship with, but you just haven’t gotten up the nerve? Can I encourage you to reach out and ask her to coffee/lunch/brunch/dinner this week to get to know her better!

What do you think? How have your friendships or lack of friendships impacted your life?

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