Write for Compared to Who?

Are you a Christian writer who has struggled with her body image, appearance, an eating disorder or other related comparison issue?

Do you have a passion for helping women overcome their struggle and find new freedom through the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Then, perhaps you want to help lead this community through sharing your story. We are currently seeking contributors who want to help lead others to release from the bondage of body image struggles through sharing their story of God’s work in their lives.

To contribute to Compared to Who? please carefully write and edit a 500-800 word post. Please avoid using passive voice and use shorter sentences and paragraphs. Keep in mind that blog style writing is more easily digested when these rules are kept.

**Also, please note that Compared to Who is an unashamedly Christian blog. Posts that are vague in their religious perspective will not be utilized. We believe that Jesus, alone, is the answer and that we are powerless to change without him.

Posts are accepted during the following months:

November (content for January-March — think: New Year’s resolutions, winter, Valentine’s Day, spring break)

February (content for April-June — think: spring, swimsuit season, summer’s coming, Easter, graduation, hospitality)

May (content for July-September–think: summer issues, back to school, creating new habits, forming new friendships, routines)

August (content for October through December– think: holidays, family issues, food issues, etc. . .)

**Eating disorder, comparison, and body image related topics are accepted year round–these are just some seasonal angles to consider taking in your writing.

Here’s the link to use when you’re ready to submit your guest post.

Also, please make sure you’ve read “Compared to Who?” (affiliate link) before you submit your guest post. We value consistency in our message of hope to women on the issues of body image and comparison. Reading this book is the easiest way you can find out exactly what Compared to Who? is all about and the way we apply biblically-sound truths to these issues.

**You will be notified within 3-4 weeks if we can use your story and when it will be published!**

We look forward to reading your stories!



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