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Update… Results from first ever survey of Christian Women and body image available here. 

Are you a woman who struggles (or has struggled) with her weight, her shape, her skin, her physical appearance in any way? Then, maybe you’d want to help me…

See, here’s the truth I know. I know you aren’t alone. I know that a vast majority of women struggle. Some don’t believe me, so, now I want to prove it.

I’m busy gathering some additional research for a new book on body image I’ve written called, “Stop Blaming Barbie: 5 Steps to Overcoming Your Body Image Struggles.” Would you be willing to take this 2 minute survey on Christian women and body image? Share with a friend too, if you are willing!

*****SURVEY IS CLOSED***** Thank you for your participation! Winner of the gift card will be notified via email. 

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Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!

Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!