Stress Free Way to Try on Swimsuit Video (Day 28 Spring Break Free)

Dear Friend:

I know. It’s almost here. Swimsuit season. Ugh.

If your suit from last year is worn out, too small, too big or missing in action, then you’ll have to partake in one of the worst rituals ever. Trying on swimsuits.

I’m here to help.

Watch today’s video. (Sorry, I’m kind of excited at the beginning but I do calm down about 10 seconds in. Yikes!) I hope it will help you.

Hugs from your sister in the struggle,


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Questions for reflection:

Do you HATE trying on a swimsuit? Do you think these tips could help you?

What is your heart behind the swimsuit(s) you choose?

Do you/Can you believe that your true value comes from Christ alone and not from your swimsuit size?

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  • Elle
    April 13, 2017

    I am fat, but I have learned to like looking in the mirror. I’ve practiced looking for what I like about myself to the point that I like everything about myself. I am not afraid or ashamed to look in mirror. Maybe you address this elsewhere, but I don’t see how teaching women to avoid mirrors helps with body image. Seems like it just enforces the thought that your body is something to be ashamed of & that mirrors should be avoided…

    • Heather Creekmore
      April 14, 2017

      Hi Elle! Thanks for your comment! Yes, I do address this elsewhere. I certainly don’t believe you should be ashamed! But, most women who struggle with body image never find there way out of their body image struggles because they get caught up in culture’s mandate to “love what they see in the mirror” or “look in the mirror til they love their body.” I don’t believe this is good advice because I don’t believe it’s biblical advice. Our mandate as followers of Jesus is not to love what we see, but to love others and to love Jesus! Spending times staring at ourselves in mirrors is a distraction from our real purpose -which is reflecting Christ. That doesn’t mean we don’t use them! (That would be messy! haha!) But, rather, just like the alcoholic should avoid temptation of going to the bar, the woman who struggles with getting sidetracked from her purpose because she obsesses over her body flaws, should avoid spending too much time with mirrors. It’s not about shame, it’s about being wise with what causes us to stumble. It seems like this isn’t something you struggle with, but know that many, many women do. (They write me everyday and I was one of them!!) 🙂 They obsess over every streak of cellulite, mole or extra inch. And, mirrors are a sinkhole for further obsession. I talk more about my views on body love here: and more about my view of mirrors here: Hope this clarifies that some!

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