Day 19: What Now? with Heather

Day 19! Can you believe it? You’ve spent the last 3 weeks digging into the spiritual roots of body image issues, how to be spiritually healthier, and what habits you can start (or stop) to help you renew your mind and refocus your thought life! Is your view of your body changing? Do you feel like you are seeing things differently?

Chances are, your journey to complete body image freedom has only just begun! But, my hope is that–through this course–we’ve given you a SOLID foundation to start from. I hope you’ve been taking notes or journalling so you’ll have something to remind yourself of what you’ve learned here after we’re finished!

Today, Erin and I will each answer the question: What now?

My answer includes a dive into Colossians chapter 3. Grab a Bible if you want to follow along before you watch this.

When I work with personal training/coaching clients we talk about the “old me” and the “new me.” When you became a Christian you became a new creation! But, sometimes there are remnants of beliefs, patterns of thinking, or patterns of living that creep in to our “renewed” life even after spiritual rebirth! This passage talks about what to put off, and what to put on! (Yes, God has wardrobe recommendations!)

Plus: Expect to be tempted. Expect the next week or so to be hard. Maybe even harder than it was before. The enemy does not want you to be free from this. The spiritual warfare is real. But, I hope you’ll also remember that this battle is not won in the next diet (it’s never worked before…). Neither is it won when you lose 20 pounds, get the surgery, or get a whole new wardrobe. The only way to win the body image battle is to renew your mind!

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