Top Ten Posts of 2015

I always love those year end, best of shows. It’s fun to look back and reflect on the year that was–see which songs were most popular and what happened last February that you had completely forgotten about.

I’m busy preparing some great new content for you this month. So, while I gear up our operations for the year ahead, I thought I’d start this new year with a look back at the last. What posts you loved. What topics made you speak up.  If you missed any during the last year, perhaps you can take a moment and catch up today!

Here are the top ten posts of 2015 from Compared to Who?

Number Ten: Ten Habits of Women with Healthy Body Image. This comprehensive list was a hit with those of you looking to improve your body image. Reading it at the start of a new year may be a great refresher as you look ahead!10 Habits of Women With Healthy Body Image-2

Number Nine: His Lust Problem is Not About You. In our sex-saturated culture, it’s already hard enough not to feel the pressure to look like the woman in the cabaret billboard. But, what do you do when you find out your husband’s been battling porn? This post will encourage you.lust problem image

Number Eight: I Know Why You Hate Wearing a Swimsuit. The title says it all. Check it out sometime before spring break.I know why you hate wearing a swimsuit and the reason will surprise you

Number Seven: How Do I Help My Daughter With Her Body Image? If you’ve got a daughter and you haven’t read this . . .just do. Please.4 Ways to Help Your Daughter With Her Body Image

Number Six: Ten Ways to Keep Marriage Hot. I wrote this list on my tenth anniversary. I’m no love expert (Frozen reference intended), but I have learned a thing or two about marriage in the last decade. Maybe these tips will help you too.10 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Hot

Number Five: Body Image Issues in Marriage: Why No Mere Man Can Help. Speaking of marriage . . . I love how I thought getting married would make my body image issues disappear and then how it didn’t work. The lessons I learned made for a good post in 2015.body image and marriage graphic

Number Four: Looking Hot Versus Modesty: A Letter to a Young Woman. This may be one of my most vulnerable posts, ever. It’s true. I used to look for affirmation from men and dress in a way that I knew would attract them. I learned some lessons the hard way. I hope you’ll share this with a young woman you know.what to say to a young woman who wants to look hot

Number Three: Girls and Body Image in a Victoria’s Secret World: A Quick Letter to my Daughter About her Value. This post will take you twenty seconds to read, but it’s all heartfelt. In the wake of last year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show I just had to respond.A quick letter to my daughter about her value

Number Two: Best Christian Workout Songs. Trying to get in a new exercise groove this year? You’ll want to check out this list. (And read a funny story about my kindergarten son repeating mature song lyrics. Yikes!)Best ChristianWorkout Songs-2

And, the NUMBER ONE post of 2015 was . . . (drum roll please . . .)

Number One: Should a Christian Woman Wear a Bikini? I loved all the comments I got on this post. I feel like my grace-based approach to the issue of midriff bearing during the summer caught some appropriate attention. I really like the links in this piece so if you missed visiting them during your first read, I’d encourage you to check them out if you visit it again.Should Christian women wear bikinis

Thanks for all your encouragement and support in 2015. I can’t wait to share with you in the next week about some exciting and new things coming up for Compared to Who in the year ahead!

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