Top Posts of the Year: Marriage & Parenting

Comparison and body image aren’t all we talk about here at Compared to Who? During 2016 we took a look at some tough issues in parenting and marriage. Here were a few of your favorites!

help your wife with body image

Number 1: How to Help Your Wife With Her Body Image. If you missed this post, you’ll want to read it and send it to your husband! This is everything you wish you could tell him about your struggle, but never have. One of the most important posts of the year if you want more freedom in your marriage in this arena!

What Christian girls need to know about their value and beauty before they go to prom

Number 2: 8 Things Christian Girls Need to Know Before Prom (Or ANY Date!) If this was an episode of Friends it would be called “The one with my old prom pictures.” Yikes! But, seriously friends, our daughters need some encouragement in the arena of their value! Pass this on to a teen girl you know or read it and prep yourself if your daughter’s day is coming!

Woah! This article completely blows the argument that our children need more self-esteem. If you want to raise Christian kids, this is a must read!

Number 3: Why I’m Not Building My Children’s Self-Esteem. Before you call CPS, you should really read why building SELF-esteem in our children is the wrong call if we want to grow well-adjusted, healthy adults.

Number 4: The Fight-Free Way to Navigate Your Wife’s Body Image Issues (Like a Ninja) I get questions from readers all the time. . .and sometimes even from their husbands. Here’s a collection of the top questions ranging from: What if my wife has gained weight and I’m not attracted to her anymore? Yikes! Read my answers here!

Do you always feel like the bridesmaid? Here's encouragement for single and married women on how to feel chosen!

Number 5: Always the Bridesmaid: Encouragement for Women Who’ve Wondered if They Are Enough.  Ever feel like you are stuck as life’s “runner-up” contestant? Always playing second fiddle? Always the bridesmaid? You must read this. I know the feeling. But, I know there’s hope for recovery too.


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Body image quiz

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Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!