Top Posts of the Year: Here’s What You Loved!

It’s time to say “Adios” to 2016! But, before we do, how about we review some of your favorite uplifting, body image encouraging posts of this past year? As we close out the  year, let’s look at the top twenty posts of the year–those posts you couldn’t help but read, like, share and pin! Here are the first six. (Look for more of the posts that you most read and shared this year over the next two weeks!)

# 6: A Christian Makeover Story

Have you read and seen the amazing photos from Christine’s transformation? Her secret wasn’t a diet or exercise program. You’ll need to read it to believe it! Read it here.

A Christian Makeover Story a transformation you won't believe



#5: The Joy Workout

Need a little more JOY in your life? Read about my JOY transformation thanks to the JOY workout. (P.S. It’ll surprise you!)

joy workout compared to who

#4: Are You An Emotional Eater, Too?

Do you struggle with emotional eating? Are you running to the Christmas cookies because holiday stress has you in a tizzy? You must read this encouragement, perfect for this busy season.

Emotional eater image of woman eating Christian body image article


#3: Do You Deserve to Wear Shorts?

So, it may not exactly be shorts weather where you live . . .but that doesn’t make this piece any less powerful. Must read and then pin so you remember this encouragement when the weather gets warmer!Do you deserve to wear shorts?


#2: Is God Calling You to Something Small?

Are you comparing your life, your job, your world to all those around you which “seem” to be bigger? Read this to get a new view on what God has called YOU to do.IS God calling you to do something that feels small?

#1: Could Your View of Your Body Change the World?

Amazing data here about how your body image affects the global economy! If we women weren’t so desperate to look like a certain standard of beauty, what kind of capacity would we have to REALLY change the world? Read this!your view of your body could change the world


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