Top Posts of 2016: Cleaning Your House Like Crazy?

Are you planning to clean your house like crazy this weekend? Today we continue the top twenty countdown with eight more posts that received tens of thousands of views this year! If you didn’t read them yet, today’s a great chance to catch up! We’ll start with the top post of all time: How Cleaning Your House Like Crazy Relates to Your Body Image!

Number 1: How Cleaning Your House Like Crazy Relates to Your Body Image.  Do the words “Company’s Coming!” send your children hiding under their beds? Do you turn into a crazy cleaner lady hours before guests are set to arrive–polishing toilet seats and scrubbing door knobs? If so, you really need to read this and be encouraged! You certainly aren’t alone but the freedom (to let a little dirt show) is attainable!

Number 2: Why I Quit the GymThis year I made a life changing decision. I stopped going to the gym–for my health! Find out why I made this change and what the break up taught me.

Love your body christian perspective

Number 3: Do You Have to Love Your Body to Improve Your Body Image. You can’t read an article or watch a segment on body image without hearing these words, “You just have to love your body.” Gag. I tried it. I tried to “love what I got.” And, it didn’t work. I just couldn’t get there. So, I continued to struggle. Now, I believe that I missed a HUGE Biblical truth in all my vain efforts to love the skin I’m in. You’ll want to read this one if you missed it earlier in the year. (Share or pin it for a friend who needs this encoruagement!)

Why do women long to be small to feel big? Hope and understanding for eating disorders.

Number 4: Longing to Be Small: The Hidden Side of Eating Disorders and Hope. Did you ever think of how ironic food struggles are for most of us. I mean we want to be small so we can feel big. Right? I know that as the number on the scale goes down, I feel a twisted sense of self-confidence well up inside me. It’s the lie of all eating disorders. And, few experts talk about it so eloquently as my friend Jena Morrow does. She wrote a powerful book detailing her experience with anorexia called “Hollow.” In this piece I get to interview Jena and we talk about that longing to be small and how a Christian can seek God for help on this front.

Do women need to reinvent themselves?

Number 5: Do We REALLY need to Reinvent Ourselves? A New Year is coming. So, tis the season for women across our great land to sit and think about all the ways they could be “better.” Ugh. It’s so true and I hate it. Why must we constantly be working on ourselves like we’re HGTV stars fixing up a dilapidated house? Who says we must always look better, be better, or “reinvent” ourselves? I don’t think that’s what the Bible says. Sure, we need sanctification (me especially!). But, we’re not projects. We’re creations of the Almighty God. Read this if you are tempted to start making resolutions about what you’ll fix this year!

Best Christian Songs to Beat Insecurity!

Number 6: Best Christian Songs for When You Feel Insecure. I know you’ve got the Christmas music jamming . . .but if you’re feeling down or blue, pep yourself up with some of these incredible songs that are sure to lift your spirit and remind you of your true identity in Jesus Christ!

What was YOUR favorite post of the year? Check here if you missed the list of the first six best posts of 2016!



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