This Guy Has No Legs, Arms or Body Image Issues: What We Can Learn from Nick Vujicic

I complained I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.    –Unknown

I remember being in the third grade and staring at my legs in the full length mirror in my bedroom. I always felt like they were too big compared to those of my friends. Oh how I hated those legs.

My body grew, but my disdain for my legs never went away. Even in college I argued with my roommates as to who had the widest thighs.

Although God has done an amazing work in my heart in the area of my body image struggles, I still have days were I look down at the flesh sticking out of my shorts and think, “Yuck.”

And then I hear about a guy like Nick Vuicic.

He was born with no arms or legs and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more joyful man. He recently married a gorgeous woman and even had a child.

Did you read the part about him not having any arms or legs?

If there is such at thing as being “entitled” to body image issues, I’d say Nick qualifies. And, yet he’s not stuck there. In fact, it doesn’t even appear that body loathing is a place he visits, ever.

If you want to be inspired today to overcome your body image struggles, take a few minutes and watch this You Tube video about this amazing man.

I think Nick’s story is so amazing because so many of us battle the lie that says, “If I were just different then I would…”

Nick’s story skips the “if.” The joy of the Lord is obviously his strength. And, you can’t help but smile when you see it.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Does this inspire you too?


If you want to be even more inspired and live in the Dallas area, come and hear him speak on Friday, September 5, at the Sheraton. Tickets are limited but can be purchased here. 

(I receive no benefit from ticket sales and was not paid for this post. I simply find his story inspiring and was happy to share with my readers!)






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Body image quiz

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