Stop the Comparison Habit 2 (Day 23 Spring Break Free)

Do you need to kick the comparison habit? Do you sometimes (or often) compare yourself to others?

Today’s video will help explore how we can find our way out of the comparison trap by looking at comparison a bit more broadly. If you missed yesterday’s post, watch it first as it is part one of this discussion on comparison.

Ready for today’s message? Then grab your Bible and turn to Galatians 6 and watch today’s video:

Here’s the link to airport analogy video: 

Here are a few other posts on comparison:

Can focusing on how we are alike cure comparison?

What a trip to the Olympics taught me about comparison.

Grace that is Greater than Botox.

Questions for Reflection:

Do you struggle to compare yourself to others? In what ways? What do you think about Heather’s advice to watch your own race? Do you feel like you’ve discovered God’s purpose for your life?


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Body image quiz

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