Why You Should Start Your Resolutions in December

Tonight, December 28th, almost all the bikes are empty. But in just four days, on January 2nd, there’ll be a waiting list to ride one. What’s the difference? How is it that the date on the calendar makes us more or less motivated to workout? The obstacle? It’s what we believe.

Our brains tell us that starting our workout routine at the beginning of a new year counts for more…that we’ll be closer to reaching our goals if we set a “start date” for our program. Yet, here’s the truth I’ve discovered after a decade of work in gyms and making my own New Year’s resolutions: programs fail but habits succeed.

The people who workout just the same on December 28th as they do on January 2nd inch their way towards achieving goals, while those who put all their energy into a big January 1 start usually fizzle by February.

Make 2018 Different

If you want to make 2018 different, don’t start on Monday, start tomorrow. On a Friday. No one ever starts anything on a Friday. But you can because you’re not starting a program, you’re changing your habits. Believe that you have the same amount of willpower tomorrow as you’ll have next week.

And, most importantly, believe that your value, worth, and ability to give and receive love have nothing to do with your ability to change your body. Jesus’ love for you is beyond what you measure. Finding contentment in him takes the pressure off making those resolutions succeed and allows you the freedom to simply make habit changes instead of feeling driven to create a “new you.”

What do you want to accomplish in 2018? Why not start tomorrow?

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