Christian Body Image Personal Training- Single Session



This isn’t a prepackaged, one-size-fits-all program. Neither is it counseling. It’s more like discipleship.

With author and pastor’s wife Heather Creekmore as your guide, you’ll have hourly conversations with an experienced mentor who will help guide you on a path of experiencing true freedom in Christ from your body image and comparison issues.

Heather has walked the journey of body image bondage. She knows what it feels like to obsess over weight, over-exercise, and engage in disordered eating. She also knows the strain body image issues place on marriages and relationships. She’s walked through the challenges body image issues can present in daily life–from encounters with the scales, issues with clothes, frustration guilt and shame with food, and challenges in the bedroom.

We recommend personal training clients commit to 4 sessions completed over the course of 7 weeks. But, programs can be adjusted to cater to your schedule, budget, or personal needs.

If requested: After your first few sessions, Heather will set up a plan for you to work on independently of consultation calls.

How it works:

Personal training is scheduled on an hourly basis weekly or bi-weekly depending on the client’s schedule and desires. Conversations happen virtually — over the phone. Heather prefers not to do a video call for the first session and will continue with audio only calls as long as the client prefers. At the end of each conversation, Heather will send you a brief summary of what the key take aways are and some “to do’s” for the week.

Here is what people are saying about working with Heather:

“I wanted to say thank you so much for working with me thru some of these harder issues. Thank you for allowing me to be honest and transparent. I am excited to continue forward, I did not realize that my thinking had SO much to do with EVERYTHING.  I am slowly making changes. Thank you again for accommodating me on your schedule to meet weekly and the time we spent working thru my junk.”  — Client in Colorado

“Thank you so much. Every time I talk to you is so amazing and worth every dollar!” — Client in Michigan

“I didn’t know what this was going to be like. But, Heather really understood everything I’m going through and coaches me in a way that’s offering help and hope to my situation and my struggles.” — Client in California

“I’m really starting to see everything differently. I’ve struggled all my life. I didn’t think that it was possible. But, Heather, you’ve helped me so much. Thank you for speaking truth to me and pointing me in the right direction.” — Client in Florida


Interested in a FREE 15 minute consult to see if working with Heather is right for you? Click here. 

Sessions are done in one hour increments: $90/session

Need a more affordable option? Consider: 6 Week Personal Training Course


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