Black Slouchy Tee Size XL


This is a black slouchy t-shirt size XL. This should fit a woman size 16-20. (Depending on bust size.)

Made by Bella + Canvas, the fabric is a polyester and viscose blend that always feels soft doesn’t shrink!

A correctly sized shirt will fall about five-seven inches below the waist. (Enough to cover most of the zipper on the front of a pair of jeans.)

**If you want more coverage or to wear with leggings, consider ordering a larger size.

**Certain sizes are out of stock in this item. Please email heather (at) compared to who (dot) me to inquire about another size.**

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Want to tell insecurity to take a hike? Need a comfortable, soft, and bright casual tee to remind you that your real confidence doesn’t come from your appearance, but from Christ?

Then you’ll love this black colored Compared to Who slouchy t-shirt. Made by Bella + Canvas, you’ll love the soft feel of the flowy fabric. Great fit so you feel comfortable while asking the question, “Compared to Who?”



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