The Power of NO Service: A Weekend Without Signal Can Reconnect You!

A few weekends ago, I learned the awesome power of NO SERVICE.

Imagine you are driving through South-Central Texas with friends in a packed SUV, country music blaring. The flat, dry land slowly turns into large, green hills as you get into the heart of the Hill Country. Families own thousands of acres–driveways stretch a mile and a half long. The closest neighbors are miles away. This all seems a little different than the packed city blocks you hail from.

Then, you pull up to a 800-square-foot cabin with a wrap around deck and a porch swing positioned perfectly to watch the sunrise over the east hills and the sunset over the west. Days seem longer here in the Hill Country and all you want to do is soak in God’s beautiful creation that surrounds you.

Oh and one more thing, there is NO CELL PHONE SERVICE. (Like none!)

Sounds dreamy right? What if I told you, this place exists. My husband and I just spent a long weekend here with two of our incredible friends. Now, I’m not telling you this to rub it in that we took such a wonderful mini vacation. I’m telling you this because I learned so much from those three days in the Hill Country that have changed my life.

It’s funny actually; when my husband and I told our parents we were visiting some friends we met on our cruise, they were a little skeptical. We had met them only six months ago, on a boat, and now we were about to travel to the other side of the country with them? Yet, for Ty and I, it felt . . .normal. Like God brought these two into our life for a reason, and we couldn’t have been more right. He had plans for us on this vacation. Plans that included a lot of resting and NO SERVICE.

Plans for us to set our phones aside and truly connect. . .

Plans to stop the constant multitasking and to actually listen. . .

Plans to stop the scrolling on social media and release the constant act of comparison. . .

Connecting by Disconnecting

Before we had left for this mini vacation, I was in a bad place. My job was beyond stressful, I had gained a few pounds over the holidays I couldn’t seem to lose, and I was addicted to social media. When I saw other’s Instagram-worthy success, I felt like a failure. Before and after pictures were every where since the New Year, yet my before pictures were better than my after.

I allowed the nasty game of comparison to make me miserable in all aspects of my life.

And then, in the Hill Country I went three days with no phone, no social media, and no scale. Somehow, I began to eat because I was hungry, exercise to see the depths of the beauty that surrounded us, and have deep conversations with others. I mean I truly connected in ways I never knew possible. It felt like there were more than 24-hours in the day (wait, back up, what?!)

YES! I felt like I had more time in my day because I didn’t have time to waste on my phone, on Instagram or in my emails.

Friends, are you ready to hear the secret to life I learned in the Hill Country?

When I disconnected and I had NO SERVICE. I was refreshed and more connected than ever before.

So, if you struggle right now with the comparison game, feel like you don’t have enough time in the day, or feel completely disconnected to the world around you… please do yourself a favor! Leave your phone at home, go find a peaceful area surrounded with God’s beauty, and just be. Practice the power of disconnecting and I promise you will feel more connected than you ever have before!

Simply be and know that God has a plan for you every second of every day.

And, P.S., If you are looking to add to your travel list, make the Hill Country of Texas your next destination!

Mari Wild is a 20-something year-old newlywed discovering the triumphs and struggles of marriage with the help of her savior, Jesus Christ. Located in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin, she spends her time admiring the different seasons God sends her while working for the American Cancer Society to help make a difference in the fight against cancer. In her free time Mari loves garage sales, DIY projects, boxing, running and blogging over at Healthy Desires where she shares her love for God, health and a positive attitude. Read Mari’s posts here.

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