21 Myths Even Good Girls Believe About Sex – Book Review

It’s not a secret, our culture is obsessed with sex. This leads to all sorts of challenges. For everyone. My friend Jennifer Stickland courageously decided to tackle some of the biggest issues surrounding this topic in her new book, 21 Myths Even Good Girls Believe About Sex. In it, she shares 21 myths that teen girls and young women often buy into about sex, helps them to see the truth that replaces the myth, and encourages them to pursue love with passion and purity.

Your daughters, your friends, and young women you know need to read this book.

But, you should probably read this book too! Here’s why:

When Jennifer first announced what she was writing, she asked for some volunteers to share their stories. I didn’t think I had a story, so I didn’t bother.

Then, a few months later, she made another type of appeal–a call for stories from women who waited. She asked if anyone had a story of waiting for marriage yet still struggling with the feeling she had been deceived about sex. That was me.

21 Myths Even Good Girls Believe About Sex

Here’s a snippet of my story found under: Myth #19: Singleness is waiting for marriage.

“I was a good girl, the grew-up-in-the-church type. And there was a promise for girls like me. If you wait till you get married to have sex, then everything will be wonderful. After finding Prince Charming, waiting bought my ticket to Happily- Ever-After in the arena of sex.

Only, it didn‘t quite work out that way. Sex was difficult, awkward, even uncomfortable for me most of the time during those early months. I felt betrayed by God—like He hadn‘t kept His end of the bargain and made my sex life great as a reward for waiting. . .

Now, after a decade of marriage, I can discern that our adjustment to married life and sex was common. I can also recognize a harder truth: I waited for the sake of following a rule and hoping for a reward. My waiting was nothing more than a religious action. . .

I wish that “waiting“ hadn‘t come with the promise of awesomeness. I wish I had waited simply out of obedience to God, not because I thought I would get “better gifts“ that way. That put undue strain on our young marriage.”

Friends, this book is filled with incredible stories and truths about sex and the myths we believe or struggle not to believe.

There are stories of unexpected pregnancies, abortion, hurt, and shame. But in each of these stories is also a story of redemption and healing. It’s a hope-filled book and I think you’ll enjoy reading it. These truths will also be helpful for your daughters who are of dating age or older.

Watch the trailer here:

Learn even more about the book here on the 21 Myths webpage.

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