In God We Trust?

It’s so difficult to trust God. 

I’m just waiting, and trusting…

Wow, this trusting thing is hard, but I’m trying.

3642952588_6f6aa02640_mWhy is it so hard to trust God? Why is it so hard to wait? Why is it so hard to grasp the concept that His plan, His timing, and His path are better than what we would choose for ourselves?

If I had to classify myself as a “trusting” or “untrusting” person. I’d claim to be the latter.  I’m a born skeptic.  You are guilty until proven innocent. You are phony until proven genuine.  My trust must be earned.

And, just as I was priding myself on how careful and selective I am about who I trust, God showed me how careless I am with my trust so much of the time.

I was grocery shopping and staring at a box of snack food that, without reading the label, I know is no where close to being classified as healthy.  I stood in that store deliberating whether or not I should buy it for my children.  They love it… It’s easy…  But, we are trying to eat healthier... Trying to make sure they get less sugar…

Back and forth I went in my mind, and then, I noticed a little badge on the front of the box that boasted, “12 vitamins and minerals and a full day’s worth of vitamin C.”

I threw it in the cart and checked out.

Then, as I was putting my groceries away, God reminded me of that silly box of fruit snacks.  I wanted to believe there was some nutritional value to them…that there was some good reason I should buy them. So, I trusted the marketing language on the label.

This made me think about just how blind my trust really is most of the time.  We trust people we’ve never met before to sell us food that is what they say it is.  We trust our doctors. We trust other people to obey civil laws like stopping at red lights or yielding at a merge.  We trust the weatherman and take our umbrellas if he says we need one.  We trust teachers.  We trust that our employer will pay us for the work that we do.  We trust the government.  We trust that when we call 9-1-1 someone will answer and send help.  We trust the internet.  We trust Facebook.  We trust that when we buy something online from a company we’ve never heard of that a little lock symbol on the corner of the screen will make our purchase safe.194806347_c17093f464_n

We trust. We trust. We trust.

Then, we start to think about giving God control and we default to: But it’s so hard to trust God!

Seriously?  Maybe we all need to just cut out the “it’s hard to trust” routine.  Apparently, it’s not that hard to trust.  We have to do it 100 times a day or more to get through everyday life.

Does it matter? Are there consequences to not trusting God?  Can we just “struggle” to trust and not sin?

I don’t think so. I think most of the time when we don’t trust God in our hearts our actions follow. We find ourselves making choices that reveal what’s on the inside.  We don’t tithe or give money to help others because deep down we are afraid that he won’t provide for us.  We date unbelievers because we don’t think he’ll ever bring us a spouse.  We grab the wrong thing out of desperation because we don’t know that he’ll ever bring us the right thing.  I could go on and on…

What we do reveals who we trust.  And, if you are like me, it feels (all be it ridiculously) easier to trust ourselves than it does to trust the God who created us, who can see the whole picture, and who knows every detail of our lives and the what’s happening in the world around us.

My favorite line of all times is from a devotional Bible I received many years ago.  I think I’ve quoted it before, but I feel as if I can never share it too many times.  It goes like this,

Real trust bounces on eager toes of anticipation, knowing in whom it places that trust.

In other words, if we had any clue who God was, we wouldn’t struggle to trust.  Or, as is the focus of this blog, if we had any concept of how much God loves us, we wouldn’t wrestle with complete surrender.  

Then I think about parenthood.  Do my children ever have to wonder if I’ll make them dinner?  Do they ever get concerned that they might not have a place to sleep or that they may not have clothes to wear when they outgrow the ones they are in?  Of course not.  When my husband throws my three year old up into the air, does my son ask 100x, “Are you sure your going to catch me dad?”


Their faith in us is unwavering.  Though we don’t always love them perfectly, they know they are cared for and don’t worry.  They know that we are enough. They understand that mommy and daddy have access to everything they need.

In the same way, we are God’s children.  He is enough. We can trust him.

 See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!  1 John 3:1 




  • John Bailey
    January 30, 2013

    Trust and faith go hand-in-hand. One of the things that has always befuddled me when presented by those who don’t believe in God, but only in science or what they see or what they know, is that their (and our) entire life is based on nothing but faith and trust. None of us, not a single one, has first hand knowledge about our world. Every “fact” we think we “know” is observations of the world presented by another unknowing person that happen to agree with our perception of the world. Yet we place all our trust and faith in observations made by fallible beings and have a heart attack when asked to put faith and trust in God.

    • Heather
      January 30, 2013

      REALLLLLLLY good point. I wish I had worked that in there John. You have to trust – just a matter of in whom you decide to trust.

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