IFTTT:: Getting Out of the If/Then Trap

There is a popular productivity tool called “If This, Then That.” I have dabbled with the tool, but found it didn’t work well with my workflow. I found that it delayed the inevitable. For many however, it is the perfect tool to not only improve workflow, but also eliminate distractions.

As I was thinking about this tool, among others, it reminded me that it is easy to fall into the trap of living an “if then” life. Almost to the point where we have come to believe that that we are not worthy of ____________, (fill in the blank) until we do ____________(fill in the blank). For instance, “I am not worthy of a new outfit until I lose 20 pounds”.

IFITTI struggled with the “IFTTT” thought process for the longest time. If I was not at the weight I wanted to be then I used the “if/then” process more as a punishment, rather than a reward. We have become a reward society, not because we can’t function without it, but rather because that is how our society operates and we now come to expect a reward for every little thing we accomplish.

Many go above and beyond at work, not for the satisfaction of a job well done, but for a higher raise. I maintain a 4.0 in school, not only to benefit my GPA, but also because I want to make the President’s List. If we achieve a certain size, then we are worthy of new clothes. I know I struggled with this for years and it still resurfaces at times. We are made for so much more than the passions of our earthly flesh.

But God, being rich in mercy…

He has a different plan. A much better plan.


Brandi Webster from Texas married over 20 years with four children whom she has homeschooled since 2000. She’s a Jesus girl who is addicted to all things coffee, books and hot Texas summers. She is passionate about productivity, organization, and performance improvement. She is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity at home, school, and work. Her goal is to inspire others to consider how effective they are in different areas of their life and try new ways to improve in order to achieve greater results. She blogs at www.BrandiWebster.com. Read Brandi’s posts here.


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