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I spend most of my days writing for other online publications. Here are a few of my favorite posts listed by topic or publication:

I’ve blogged about Body Image for these fantastic sites:

Why Does Everyone Have to Be Beautiful? for Huffington Post.

What Does Christmas Have to Do With Body Image Issues? for For Every Mom.

5 Things to Do if You Saw Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photos for For Every Mom.

Why Losing Weight Shouldn’t Be Your Number One New Year’s Resolution for For Every Mom.

How to Minister to Women With Body Image Issues for Churchleaders.com

Colbie Callait’s Try Should Inspire Us All for Dallas Moms Blog

Facing Summer with Your New Mommy Body for Dallas Moms Blog

What Having a Baby Did to My Body Image for Sacramento Moms Blog

How to Get Your Body Back as Fast as a Celebrity for Dallas Moms Blog

Why I’ll Start Smiling in the Mirror for Dallas Moms Blog

Three Ways to Waste the Rest of Your Summer Worrying About Your Body for New Orleans Moms Blog.

Three Ways to Beat the Summer Body Blues for Alamo City Moms Blog

The Secret to My Shape: It’s Body By Baby for Des Moines Moms Blog

Try, Try, Try: Why Do I Keep Trying to Be Beautiful for Burlington Moms Blog.

Hi! I’m Heather and I’m a Dietaholic for Twin Cities Moms Blog

Six Ways We Make Pregnancy Miserable for Dallas Moms Blog.

***Find all of my posts on Body Image for To Save a Life here.

***Find all of my posts on Body Image for For Every Mom here.


I’ve blogged about Motherhood for these sites:

Four Secrets to Getting it All Done for Dallas Moms Blog.

The Number One Killer of a Mom’s Joy for Knoxville Moms Blog.

I Give Up: My Secret to Transitioning to Motherhood for Dallas Moms Blog.

Eating Our Young: How About We Stop Saying Our Children Ruin Our Lives for Dallas Moms Blog.

Hand Over the Camera! Three Reasons You Should Take Fewer Pictures for Dallas Moms Blog.

Twenty Easy Ways to Identify the Mother of A Preschooler or Toddler for Dallas Moms Blog.

What Frozen Taught Me About Motherhood for Dallas Moms BlogHelping Mom Anxiety for Dallas Moms Blog.

Moms Don’t Get Days Off: Three Tips for Enjoying a Vacation Even with Littles for Dallas Moms Blog.

Want to Lower Stress: Maybe You Need MORE Kids???? for Dallas Moms Blog.

4 Tips for Balancing Phone and Family for Dallas Moms Blog.

When Moms Cry: If Your Eyes Leaked Today You Aren’t Alone for Dallas Moms Blog.

My Biggest Parenting Regret: Babywise for Dallas Moms Blog.

Why Can’t They Just Behave? for Dallas Moms Blog.

I Had a Miscarriage for Dallas Moms Blog.

The Biggest Mistake Even Good Moms Make for Dallas Moms Blog.

Why Discipline Makes Me Scream for Dallas Moms Blog.

Have You Tried Funny? For Dallas Moms Blog.

Tested Tricks for Moms of Littles for Dallas Moms Blog.

Is It Harder to Stay Home? for Dallas Moms Blog.

Three Boys: One Room. Why We Chose Room Sharing on Purpose for Dallas Moms Blog.

Please Don’t Use the ‘S’ Word Around My Children. For Dallas Moms Blog.

Post Partum Depression: If This is So Great, Then Why am I So Sad? For Dallas Moms Blog.

What Princesses Can Teach Our Daughters for Dallas Moms Blog


I’ve blogged about Marriage here: 

I May Never Be in the Mood Again: 4 Ways You May Be Killing the Romance in Your Marriage for Dallas Moms Blog.

In this piece I talk about my secrets to a happier marriage…(All acquired from wisdom I daily impart to my preschoolers) for Dallas Moms Blog.

In this piece I share my number one secret to marital bliss…it’s called husband scheduling and has helped us so much!  I hope you’ll try it too if you are going in all directions and having difficulty finding connection time!

In this piece I talk about the important role dads play in the lives of their children!


I’ve blogged about Homeschooling/School topics, here:

Three Ways the New Breed of Homeschooling Moms Will Surprise You. For Dallas Moms Blog.

Could Homeschool Be So Cool? For the Fort Worth Mom’s Blog.

I’m Not Ready for Kindergarten for Dallas Moms Blog.


I’ve blogged about craft projects, holidays and places to visit here:

Our DIY Lego Room for Dallas Moms Blog

DIY Travel Activity Sheets for Dallas Moms Blog

Legoland Discovery Center for Dallas Moms Blog

Look Cinemas Review for Dallas Moms Blog

The Gentle Zoo Review for Dallas Moms Blog

Dallas Staycation Ideas for Dallas Moms Blog

The Princess & Papa Wonderland Ball for Dallas Moms Blog


I’ve blogged about Church Planting here: 

Losing Friends and Influencing People for Churchleaders.com

Church Planting is Harder than I Ever Imagined for Churchleaders.com


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