One Thing I’m Really Thankful For . . .

I don’t want to interrupt your turkey prep. (Lord knows how hard it is to get that bird, and the sides, to all come out of the oven around the same time.)

But, I did want to tell you one thing.  .  .

Today, I’m really thankful. Thankful for a lot of God’s blessings and that includes you.

Thanks for following me on this journey, scratch that, adventure towards freedom from body image struggle.

Thanks for praying for me as I try to speak truth into the lives of women.

And, thanks for all of your encouragement. Some of you. . . Wow! God has used you at just the right time—with a message or a comment— to encourage me on those days when I’ve spent excessive amounts of time plotting early retirement from my writing career.

Anyway, thanks. Thanks a lot.

May God bless your feasting today and your time with family and friends.

Now back to your pies!

In His Love –


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Body image quiz

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