Food In Heaven: Enjoying Food the Way God Intended

My kids always seem to get philosophical at bedtime.

Even though they are only four and two years old, it seems that they save up all of the questions as part of their efforts to delay bedtime on an almost nightly basis. We have had questions such as:

“What’s grace?”

“Where is God’s ‘water hose’ to wash away sin?”

“Why did Jesus die?”

“Where is heaven at?”

“Why does ‘The Big Evil’ not love God?”

All of these have been good questions and conversations but there has been one question that has just stuck out in my mind- “Can we eat whatever we want in heaven and not get sick?”little-girls-question

The question stems out of our family –we battle food allergies and over analyze food constantly. They know well the consequences of eating something “wrong.” But their question led me to think about the skewed relationship we have with food on the Earth.

Yes, food makes some of us sick. But many of us struggle to treat food the way God intended. Our relationship with food has strayed from what it should be.

Although this shouldn’t surprise us. People have been struggling with food since Creation. The first food related sin is actually in the Bible and happened right after God carefully crafted the world. Genesis tells us that He created trees to be pleasant to the eye and good for food. God provided for all of Adam and Eve’s needs completely in the garden.

Although God created food to sustain man from the beginning of time, the serpent knew what he was doing when he used his smooth talk on Eve to convince her to eat something she shouldn’t have. “It’s won’t really hurt you.” “You deserve to eat that.” “This food will help you and be good for you.”

How many times does the deceiver whisper those same lies to me? It’s easy for me to see that God created our bodies to need food, but it is often harder for me to understand that God also intended food as a blessing to be enjoyed.carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes

I know many times I strive for the “I eat to live but don’t live to eat” tag line. This might sound good on the surface, until I get to passages in the Bible about food included in big celebrations and stories that compare heaven to a wedding feast. I realize then that my view of food still isn’t lining up with God’s!

When I answer my children’s question on food in heaven, I say “No! Food in heaven won’t make us sick!” They think that is just the neatest thing–that everything will be prefect and the way God intended it. I dream of them enjoying banquets of food served before them risk free.

Then I also think of what it will be like for me to enjoy food risk free- free from overthinking, free from counting, free from guilt, free from obsession. Instead of just dreaming I start praying. God let us enjoy food the way you intended it now as a provision to grow up, as a blessing to share with others, as a celebration.

Lauren D Head shotLauren Douglas is a wife and “Mommy” to 2 little ones. She enjoys reading, crafting, exercise, and coffee. She loves the freedom and grace she has found through Christ and prays that her home and life reflect that faith. Lauren blogs at Read Lauren’s other posts here.

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