Everybody Ain’t Pretty…

defaultThis morning I saw the funniest video in my Facebook feed by Odessa Waters…I’m not sure who she is…but she’s got some biblical truth to share.  You can watch the video here: Odessa’s Video.

Her point is somewhat similar to what I like to say when I speak to MOPS groups.  The church relies on the line, “God made all women beautiful” too much.  It’s not helpful for those of us who struggle for one main reason…

It’s actually not true… And, Odessa hits is straight on!!!

Physical beauty is subjective…but the Bible isn’t fuzzy on the topic.  Remember Leah in Genesis 1?  The Bible didn’t say she was beautiful just like her sister  Rachel, did it?  Ouch.

What about Jesus?  The Bible tells us he wasn’t as good looking as the recent movie, “Son of God” would lead us to believe, either…

The answer to our body image struggles is not found in leaning on God’s word to tell us something it doesn’t.  We don’t feel better if we believe that “all women are beautiful.”

There are other answers to our body image struggles that are far more effective than this one.  That’s the direction this blog is going.

I’m completing a book on the topic of body image now…and I hope to share with you some of the truths I’ll be sharing in the book in the weeks and months to come.  Bear with me please as the site continues to get a makeover and transition to this new purpose!


I hope you’ll share with your friends as well!



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Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!