Do You Know Someone Whose Life Has Been Marked by Sexual Abuse?

Today I want to bring up a topic I haven’t talked about enough. Sexual abuse. And, today, I want offer you an opportunity to play a role in leading women to find new hope in the midst of this kind of hurt.

My friend Mary DeMuth was a victim of sexual abuse as a kindergartener. I can’t even imagine enduring that kind of pain and trauma so young. Now she has experienced tremendous healing through Jesus. A prolific author, Mary has helped tens of thousands of women navigate through recovery through her books and website.

I want you to meet Mary and hear more about her book called “UnMarked” here:

Do you know someone who’s life has been marked by sexual abuse? Then encourage them to read this book. Or, better yet, buy them a copy.

But that’s not all.

Today, I ask you to consider helping women who are victims of sexual abuse in one more way–through the Healing for Marked Hearts translation project.

This project will take Mary’s book, UnMarked and put it into the hands of women and girls in nations where there are few resources available, in their language, to speak life to their wounded souls. 

marked1-01-2Girls like nine-year-old Dipa. She lives in India. Her uncle raped her last week. But that’s not the truly shocking part.
More than half of Dipa’s fourth-grade class has been raped or molested, according to a 2007 government survey. Visit any playground or school in India, rich or poor, boys or girls—53 percent are victims of sex abuse, says a 2007 government survey.

The atrocity of sexual abuse spans the globe and millions just like Dipa suffer in silence. They need hope and healing for wounds that run deep, piercing even into adulthood.

But often that hope never comes. Many victims don’t dare risk the stigma and shame associated with telling their story.

That’s where the Healing for Marked Hearts campaign makes a difference. Your contribution to the campaign will place a purse-sized book in the hands of these silent victims—a book translated into their own language.

No one talks about sex abuse. Dipa speaks Marathi, and few resources exist in her language. Non-profit Christian publisher, Authenticity Bookhouse wants to fix this problem and, will translate and provide copies of Mary DeMuth’s book to women and girls in India.

Each book includes a beautiful story of the gospel, which brings hope. And fewer than 2 percent of people who speak Dipa’s language—Marathi—know Jesus.

This book may be the only opportunity for these victims to hear the hope Jesus gives.

Would you consider supporting this campaign? You can read more information or contribute by clicking here. 

Thank you in advance for your help in reaching out to these women.

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