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Do you have a compelling story to tell? Have you lived through an eating disorder, seen God change your heart on the topic of comparison, or just struggled with body image and are starting to see things in a new light? If so, then your story is welcomed here.

To contribute to Compared to Who? please carefully write and edit a 500-800 word post. Please avoid using passive voice and use shorter sentences and paragraphs. Keep in mind that blog style writing is more easily digested when these rules are kept.

Also, please note that Compared to Who is an unashamedly Christian blog. Posts that are vague in their religious perspective will not be utilized. We believe that Jesus, alone, is the answer and that we are powerless to change without him.

Posts are accepted during the following months:

November (content for January-March — think: New Year’s resolutions, winter, Valentine’s Day, spring break)

February (content for April-June — think: spring, swimsuit season, summer’s coming, Easter, graduation, hospitality)

May (content for July-September–think: summer issues, back to school, creating new habits, forming new friendships, routines)

August (content for October through December– think: holidays, family issues, food issues, etc. . .)

**Eating disorder, comparison, and body image related topics are accepted year round–these are just some seasonal angles to consider taking in your writing.

Here’s the link to use when you’re ready to submit your guest post.

Also, please make sure you’ve read “Compared to Who?” before you submit your guest post. We value consistency in our message of hope to women on the issues of body image and comparison. Reading this book is the easiest way you can find out exactly what Compared to Who? is all about and the way we apply biblically-sound truths to these issues.

*You will be notified within 4 weeks after submission if your story will be used on the blog. 

We look forward to reading your stories!



  • Theresa L Kage
    January 21, 2018

    I have been doing research to find out more about Jesus. I find it interesting that we virtually have no proof of the most important person in history. Of course we have the gospels but even christian experts conclude that they are not first hand accounts. Some even go as far as saying they could be third or fourth hand accounts if they are true at all. We have people claiming to know the truth, by translating an English bible using Hebrew, that was written in Greek by men who most likely spoke Aramaic who couldn’t read or write. Experts say that at least half of Paul’s letters are forged, if he even existed. Of course this is where faith comes in. We are required to have faith in a book that boldly states women are only worth half as much as men and that you can beat your slave as much as you want as long as you don’t kill him, and that you should stone your child if he stirs from the faith. Imagine if you killed your child because he didn’t believe as you did. You would be in prison! Most christians often divert from these unpleasant holy scriptures. In this day of so much strife I would think that Jesus would appear to more people. But it seems he only appears to the people on the stage that are getting paid to be there. So, we are supposed to have faith in something that has never been proven, in a book that clearly has been written by evil men, or from the man on the stage that is giving his opinion. Why was Jesus doing so many great things during his time on earth, and claims that anything we ask in his name he will do. Tell that to a family that just lost their three year old child to a painful, horrible death from cancer. People conclude that all things work out for God’s good. How is it good for a family to be torn apart and suffer the loss for the rest of their life, that are most likely in deep financial dept and it brings glory to God?

    • Heather Creekmore
      January 22, 2018

      Hi Theresa, can I encourage you to talk to someone at a local church. I feel it’s inadequate to have conversations like this via comments on a blog. But,I’ll pray for your faith journey. These are hard questions and I don’t want to oversimplify or over trivialize them in my quick answers to you. I’d encourage you to read the New Testament too. The old testament isn’t there to show us how to act (beating slaves, etc…), Jesus came to redeem and exemplify that. In order to believe that all things work together for good, we have to have faith that this life isn’t the end and that our chief purpose isn’t to live for ourselves and our own happiness, rather to glorify God. Sometimes his goodness, his plan, is so hard to see. I’d encourage you to just pray and ask God if he’s real. And, talk to people of faith whom you know and are equipped to have these conversations with you in person. I’d be happy to connect you to someone if I know anyone where you live. Prayers for your journey.

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