Conclusion of Spring Break Free (Day 30)

We made it!

Thirty days. Thirty videos. Thirty blog posts.

I hope your view of you is changing . . .more so, I hope your view of Jesus is improving. Sometimes we have to get our own mirrors out of the way so we can stop spending so much time looking at ourselves and start reflecting him.

Here’s the final installment. This is what to say when a friend says something like, “Wow, I look fat today.” How we can encourage other women with our words when they struggle with body image. Watch here and let me know what you think!

Here’s a link to buy the book!

Here’s a link to buy a Compared to Who shirt!This shirt tells comparison to take a hike. Can your shirt do that?

Questions for reflection:

What do you say when a woman complains about her body to you? It’s awkward, right? Easier to do the “Fat talk” thing and just say, “Your’s is fine, mine is fatter . . .” But does that help us share the truth of God’s love and our value? Write down what you would say to a friend who was obviously struggling with body image. Then, write it again on a post-it note or piece of paper to tape to your mirror. Read your words to yourself everytime you struggle.

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Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!

Body image quiz

Take the body image quiz here!