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What would it be like to have a coach to help you defeat your body image issues?

How much freedom could you find if you had someone to talk to about what’s weighing you down?

Heather Creekmore now offers individualized, personal training for Christian women who want to experience new freedom in the body image arena.

Are you a Christian woman between the ages of 23 and 80 who’s tired of stressing over what the mirror and scale say?

      • Do thoughts about how you should/could look better monopolize your time?
      • Do you sometimes feel guilty over how much time you spend thinking about (or trying to fix) your appearance?
      • Do you frequently worry about what other people think of how you look?
      • Do you spend a lot of time or money trying new diets, exercise programs, cosmetics, or buying clothes to *fix* the way you feel about yourself?

Does the thought of being free from the fear of what others think sound amazing to you?

If any of these statements resonate with you, then body image personal training may be just what you’re looking for!

Send us an email to see if this program could be right for you!


What is Body Image Coaching?

Body Image Coaching is similar to working out with a trainer in the gym–only instead of talking about your weight or exercises for your body, we’ll focus on exercises for your heart and lifting the weight of body image and comparison issues that may consume your thoughts and time!

In each one-on-one session with Heather you’ll be encouraged, challenged, and pushed to think through the hard issues and beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in body image struggles. While enrolled in the personal training program you’ll also have access to Heather throughout the week. As issues come up, you’ll have an ongoing dialog so you get help when you need it.

When it comes to paying for personal training, you have options!

You can work directly with Heather on an hourly basis on a schedule that works for you.

Though a minimum of 4 sessions are recommended, we’ll set up a plan that makes sense with your budget, schedule, and goals. Though many women start to find renewed freedom after just 4 weeks of meeting. Email Heather today to see if this program is right for you. 

“I’m literally amazed. I’ve been ‘working’ on these issues for years, but no one has ever showed me truth in the same way you have. Thank you, Heather, for your willingness to walk with me through this trial and for showing me the path to freedom!” – personal training client, 9/20


How Does Group Coaching Work?

If you’re looking for a more economical option, consider group coaching.

During this six-week course you’ll experience the following:

  • Two one-on-one personal coaching calls with author and body image expert, Heather Creekmore. (One at the beginning and one at the end of the session.)
  • Four virtual small group sessions with 3-4 other women from across the country who share similar struggles.
  • A personalized plan with activities and heart-focused exercises, recommended reading and listening, music playlist suggestions, and verses and thoughts to meditate on during your six-week freedom treatment.
  • Personal access to Heather for support, questions, and challenges during the six weeks (via text and email).

**Please note: This is not a diet or exercise program. Neither should this substitute for professional counseling if you have a diagnosable eating disorder. It can, however, work hand-in-hand alongside any work you are doing with a professional if you have time to devote to both your treatment and this course.


Here’s what women are saying about Compared to Who’s Body Image Personal Training Course:

Listen to the personal testimony of 2 coaching clients in this episode of the podcast!

This personal training is absolutely one of the best and most beneficial things I have ever done!!! 
It has been God’s gift to me to bring me freedom from an almost life-long struggle in the area of body image. Heather came alongside me, took my hand, and walked with me down the road to freedom she herself had walked down, pointing me to Christ and the Gospel and the freedom He died to give me. She skillfully directed my gaze off of myself and onto my Savior and His precious work on the Cross on my behalf, using the application of the Gospel to demolish body-image idolatry.
This produced in me a greater appreciation for the Gospel and even a new sense of purpose, as I would like to help others find this same freedom.
The change in my life has been dramatic! I now have freedom that I never thought possible, and the cloud of shame has lifted!” —SB
“As a result of this training, I have a new sense of identity that is found in Christ and not rooted in my body image or in the approval of others and it’s a glorious feeling!!” —JH
“After I read Heather’s book, Compared to Who?, I knew I wanted to meet and work with the woman who so articulately said what I have felt for so many years in regards to body image issues and idols. When Heather announced she was going to start coaching, I knew I wanted to sign up right away. The group coaching was encouraging and also challenged me to move forward and to release the sins that were holding me back. Her willingness to check in and see how I was doing was greatly appreciated too!
I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to know Heather and to be part of this group.” —KB
It was great to hear Heather’s stories and how so many stories were similar to mine. It helps to get to know someone who has “been there, done that” and has come out on the other side of it. Heather always pointed me back to Christ and encouraged me to dig deep and think about the heart of the issue (not just fix the symptoms).” – AB

“Heather is a real woman who openly, honestly and humorously shares her struggles with body issues and helps find path to overcome themI rated my struggles as a “1”on a scale of 1-to-10 (awful) at the beginning of our session. After our six weeks I feel like I’m a “7”or even an “8”, on my way to freedom.” —DB

Want more information on Body Image Personal Training?

Email Heather (Heather (at) Compared to Who (dot) me) or visit this page for pricing or to reserve your spot in the next session which begins soon! Interested in one-on-one consulting with Heather? Email Heather here.

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