Best Body Image T-Shirts and Tanks on Sale!

Do you have a Compared to Who? t-shirt or tank top yet? If not, why not order one this month and get FREE shipping on all purchases of $12 or more when you use the code: LOVEHER on Etsy.

Share with your friends, order one as a gift, or just buy one to remind yourself of the truth about your value. These are the best body image t-shirts and tank tops you’ll ever find! You’ll love the way they look!

The tank tops are soft and flowy. I think you’ll love the way they fit as much as my friend Jenny pictured here did: Compared to Who T-shirt

Or, if you are more of a pink girl, you’ll love the way this one looks and fits. This young lady thought it was the perfect message to wear to junior high!


Or, you may prefer a t-shirt. They too are soft cotton, light-weight and with a bit of a drape sleeve and scoop neck. I hate t-shirts that are stiff and shaped like a man should wear them. Great body image shirt that asks Compared to Who on

And, don’t forget your little girls! Peer pressure and mean girls can beat them down. These shirts come in little girls sizes small, medium and large. The large is the equivalent of a girls size 10. (For juniors sizing consider a women’s size small shirt).

Body image positive girls shirt to help girls with bullying and healthy body image

Use the code LOVEHER and order your shirt on Etsy today! Coupon code expires September 25!

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Body image quiz

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