Compared to Who? the book is now available and just hit NUMBER ONE on Amazon in it’s category!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, here’s the trailer! (You won’t believe what these brave women did for this video!)

How is Compared to Who? different from all those other Christian body image books?

I’ve read a lot of Christian books on body image, self image, and overcoming insecurity. But SO many repeated these same cliches that never helped me.

Statements like:

I’m not saying these statements aren’t (somewhat) true. I’m saying they didn’t help me! NOT AT ALL!

I promise you, this book is not another one of those. Read five ways it’s different here.

In fact, I think this book will help you think about your body image and comparison struggles in a completely different way!

Plus, I pray it will inspire you to find your real purpose in this life and give you the secret to finally being free from over-obsession about your thighs, or hair, or lack of six-pack abs. . .you name it!

This book could be your first step on your journey towards REAL and lasting body image freedom. Order  Compared to Who the book on Amazon here!**

Want to download a sample chapter? Click here!

**Disclosure: I’m an Amazon affiliate so purchasing the book through this link will benefit this ministry.