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  • Aimee Fritz
    June 12, 2017

    When I got this book I assumed I knew exactly what it was going to say. I assumed Creekmore would remind me my body was a reflection of God, and my relationship with God, and that I should pray more when I exercise, grocery shop, buy clothes, and hang out with other women. I expected to a modern witty spin on the same old Christian body image story.

    But it’s not. Creekmore goes to a place we all somehow forgot. Her ideas zinged me. I was convicted and encouraged. I really do think I can view myself differently than I ever have. Read it to find out what I’m referring to.

    Creekmore gives practical action items including the right kind of confession and repentance and the need for honest community, along with nowhere-to-run Bible study and heart questions at the end of each chapter.

    I’m going to go back through Compared to Who? and write some notes in my journal. There were a few verses I thought of in new ways, and some key questions I want to ask when I buy clothes and look at pictures of myself. I think I’m going to write out my confession of beauty idolatry and read it aloud to my best friend. I’ve got some soul searching and praying to do. I think I want this freedom.

    Not just for me. But for my daughter, too.

    Check it out!

    (Note: I received an advanced copy of CTW from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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